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Premium Responsive Websites

Until recently most desktop websites were never designed with mobile in mind. Websites that are not mobile optimized provide the end user with a bad experience in many cases leaving your un-mobilized site for a site which is mobile friendly. Fonts can be too small to read, images do not scale properly and any flash within your site will cause big problems on mobile. A mobile website powered by Advance Network is designed specifically for the small screens of mobile devices. The overall custom experience is greatly enhanced using a [BUSINESS NAME] premium mobile website, because fonts are readable. navigation is easy and we make sure to display the things your users are looking for on your mobile site.

Today there are

  • 327 million cell phones in America (that people have with them 24 x 7)
  • 70% of them search the mobile web
  • 45% of smartphone users now ONLY search the internet from their Mobile Device
  • 72% of mobile searches get acted on (people call or come in your store) vs 18% for desktop searches
  • 82% of businesses do NOT have a mobile optimized web site….but 90% THINK they do!

Search Engine Optimization

★★★ Skyrocket your website rankings in Google with this Top notch SEO service ★★★
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Why us?
#1 S E O Expert with 10+ yrs. of Exp.
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How it works?
Just place order and send me your website. That’s it
We will research and get back with the most profitable keyword that can be ranked for. Once you approve it, I will proceed with the Best SEO link building
Backlinks Report will be provided
How long for results?

2-3 months for old sites
3-4 months for new sites
What if no results in the given time frame?

Generally it never happens. In case it happens, We will run an SEO campaigns until you get promised results for NO EXTRA COST!
Stay on the cutting edge of S E O to improve Traffic or Fall behind!
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Select the second Gig and Get your website ranked in Top 3 pages (Highly recommended to get massive exposure)
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